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Our Smart Automation Solutions

We use our expertise to deliver innovative, high performing best-fit intelligent automation solutions for our customers. We offer a full suite of technologies, services, tools, and insights to support your journey through the Smart automation life-cycle. Working in partnership with you to create a strategy aligned roadmap to build, run automation solutions and maintain intelligent IoT enabled Digital operations at scale


Remote Monitoring

Asset Tracking

Service Tracking

Data-Driven Decision Making


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We are not agricultural experts but we enable the farmers to take data driven decisions and take advantage of Digital farming which monitors their environments including temperature, soil condition, plant health, water requirements, oxygen & nitrogen level, extreme conditions monitoring based on weather predictions along with multiple other data elements from the ground on real time. We deploy a selected number of sensors and devices, connect them with Lora & other long-range protocols through on site IoT gateways to send data to over cloud to our IoT Platforms and analytics engines so we can provide suggestions to farmers and take corrective measures with remote actuation of equipment’s and services based on needs

Smart Agriculture Solutions from Platinum Robotics
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When we think of the indoor working space or inside environmental monitoring, all sorts of images will come to mind, such as the meeting rooms, HVAC systems, filtration, and other electronic systems. However, it is the case that the office environment has often been ignored as factors that affect human activities and work performance. Therefore, it’s necessary to know how to utilize IoT devices and solutions to manage different operational aspects of an office which includes – environment, temperature, lights, energy, occupancy, security, locks & a whole lot of systems more efficiently through our Smart Office solutions enabled by Intelligent IoT

Smart Office solutions powered by Intelligent IoT developed by Platinum Robotics
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Our Smart irrigation & intelligent Sprinkler system is trending for its tailor-made agriculture and garden watering arrangements automatically to meet specific needs, which significantly improves water usage efficiencies. Our Smart irrigation systems can optimize water levels based on things such as soil moisture, future weather predictions, different plants and corps water requirements. This is done with multiple sensors that communicate with the Zigbee/WIFI & Lora based network systems and updates to out cloud-based platform which can provide the complete remote operational control based on analysis of real time data. This can be accessed and operated from Computers or mobile devices

Smart Irrigation & Smart Sprinklers developed by Platinum Robotics
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Running a fleet will have a number of major concerns. Our Solutions are developed to solve the challenges. Adding edge computing devices like an industrial cellular router to the vehicle with 3G/4G cellular network, valuable information’s are collected using the sensors on real time & forwarded to Cloud and control room can monitor the locations, conditions, environment inside the track as well as take remote actions as the web-based solution dealt with most issues before they disrupt the fleet operation

Smart Fleet Management solutions driven by IoT enabled technologies, developed by Platinum Robotics

We are in a position to provide you solutions in a wide domain area - the Four solutions mentioned above are just a few which are deployed for different customers in collaboration with our Partners.  Connect with us & share your specific requirements in the area of remote monitoring, remote operations which requires automated data driven decision making & actuation of devices. We will be in a position to help you with Off-The-Shelve or Customised solutions specific to your needs



  • Quick To Implement

  • Low Risk

  • Higher Cost

  • Non - Customizable 

Hybrid Solutions


We Keep The Right Balance Between The Two 


  • Highly Customizable 

  • Lower Cost 

  • Slow Implemenation

  • Less Tested

Highly Customizable  |  Lower Cost  |  Low Risk   |  Faster Implementaion  

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